Sales & Catering

Sales & Catering

A flexible and comprehensive solution for managing banquets, events and functions. S&C is a centralized application that gives a clear visibility into revenues and operations of every single facility in the network. It supports all activities that a popular banquet would need, beginning from Form Reservation to Settlement.

Generation of function prospectus is core to the application. A workflow engine pushes relevant information to concerned departments for individual and collective actions.

A powerful MIS provides the information at unit and corporate levels to understand revenue patterns from banquets, which may also trigger revenues into rooms.

The above products work in conjunction with customer loyalty, guest feedback, Human Resources applications.

Book Our Table is a simple and an effective revenue generating tool which helps:

S&C Features

Web based Application

Multi Property Concept in single screen.

Diary in which user can take reservation for any date / time range for single / multiple areas.

Concept of Multiple Sessions where user can take multiple bookings in different timeslots on same date, same area and same reservation.

Can take reservation for Company or Individuals.

Easy rescheduling of the reservations for date / area.

Cancellation / Reinstate of any reservation.

Different views of Diary like Normal view / Day Area / Weekend View / Cancel View.

Temporary Blocking / Unblocking of any Area.

Reservation status is displayed on Diary, for e.g. Bill is Made, FP Generated, and Amended.

User defined Function Area Ordering can be predefined in the Diary.

During reservation user can get reminder if account is credit listed or black listed.