Point Of Sale – Ultra

Point Of Sale – Ultra

Once upon a time, running a cafe or a restaurant was a simple business.
All we had to do was make sure our food was great, service was top notch and people knew about us. And if these three ingredients were perfect,presto! – you had a great business.

Things are not so simple now, is it?

We strangely face a problem of plenty. Everyday there’s some system which is not compatiable or talks to other apps and systems out there that lets people go and book us or order online and we are faced with a huge task of managing enormous amount of bookings and reservations.

And as we all know- we can’t afford to disappoint anyone at the last minute.

And with all this new technology – the cost seems to just keep going up. Everything needs a constant upgrade or a license renewal. And its not just the cost – its the effort and head space needed to manage all these different platforms and systems and trying to make them talk to each other.

We’ve heard you & We know your problems. And we’ve worked hard to create a solution that not just solves your problems but also anticipates them.

However most importantly – we’ve kept it simple

Welcome to ShawMan POS – A simple & integrated solution designed Specially for your business

The Anytime Anywhere POS

Access it from any Laptop or Desktop

Your data is on Microsoft Azure – access it anytime, anywhere with redundant Internet connectivity, enjoy up to 99.9%

Safe, secure and industry standard encryption prevents even the remotest chance of fraud or mismanagement

Simple monthly payment model no – license fees, no upgradation required, ever

The Next Generation in POS

No server issues. No software updates.

All your data, no matter the volume is in the Cloud. No need for complicated or expensive hardware

All your data is real time regardless of the location or the time

Unparalleled efficiency -works across departments and locations

POS Ultra Features

User Management

Menu Management

Table Management

KOT Management

Channel Management

Billing Management

Discount Management

Promotion Management

Tax Management

Finished goods inventory Management

Audit and Reports

Support and Training