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Club Management System

A Club needs a system to run and manage club operations and member facilities.
ShawMan’s Club Management System helps run critical business applications but that are designed to run 24/7 and without a break, from the time they are switched on to when they are upgraded.

Club Management System Includes:

  • ShawMan PMS
  • ShawMan Sales & Catering
  • ShawMan Activity Management
  • Simon Says (if required)
  • Book Our Table (if required)
  • ShawMan Club App (if required)


Member Profile Management

Other Information Module

History of Members

Member Electronic Card Management

Member Registration/Guest Entry Module

Charge Processing Modules

Revenue JV Generation

Invoice Processing & Printing

Member Account Details

Interactive Tools

FIFO Process

Members Trial Balance

Outstanding List

Member Wise Ageing

User Defined Letters

Label Printing

Cash / Bank Book

Audit Reports

Account Trial Balance

User Defined Reports

ECS Enabled

Email Facility

Members Club Usage Tool

Credit Limit Control

Kiosk Module

Web Site Interface

Member Web Interface

Integrated With All ShawMan Systems (POS, PMS, SNC, AMS)

Benefits of the Club

  • Control over Credit Limits So the Members of various categories
  • Department wise revenues earned
  • Tracking of Member Footfalls
  • Control over Guest entries and Guest Charges
  • Verification of Members at various departments
  • Tracking the Success of club events
  • Tracking of New / Expired Members month wise
  • Subscription reconciliation report (Yearly) required for Balance Sheet
  • Month wise Member count reconciliation required for Balance Sheet
  • Fast generation of Monthly Invoices
  • Email facility for quick sending of Monthly Invoices and Reminder Letters resulting of 
collecting the Outstanding in time
  • All communications to Members is from system, helps reduce paper work and also keeps 
maintains history of all communications
  • Separate tracking of Outstanding against Subscriptions and Club usage.
  • Control over cash collection points in the Club

Benefits to Club Members

  • Member Web Interface allowing Members to do the following things on the Web
  • View their Last month’s Invoice
  • View their Ledger Accounts
  • Update their personal information like address, telephone nos. etc.
  • They can Pay Bills Online
  • Book the Club and Facilities online.
  • Kiosk: Allows Members to view their personal information without asking anyone
  • ECS Enabled: Members don’t have to come to the club to make their payments

Benefits to the Finance Department

  • Guest Ledger: Creation of Members Room Bill Ledgers which will replace Guest Ledger in Accounts.
  • Debtors Ledger Tool: Helps to drill down to the transactions in the Ledger like Invoice, Receipts
  • JV’s etc. resulting in quick response to Members.
  • Debtors Ageing Tool: Flexibility to extract any information for Debtors Ageing based on 
various criteria’s.
  • Subscription reconciliation report (Yearly) required for Balance Sheet
  • Ready Reconciliation for revenue booked in POS/PMS Vs GL Codes figures
  • FIFO Process to knock off the Receipts against the Bills
  • Easy option to drill down to POS revenue from GL Code
  • Outstanding List available with Reminder Letter Status
  • Interfaced with all versions of Tally
  • ECS Enabled (Electronic Clearance System) help in electronic clearing from the member 
bank accounts reducing the manual receipt entries

Benefits to the IT Department

  • Integrated with all ShawMan products, hence no need of import export, data directly posted to CMS on day end
  • User Defined Report helps in creating reports required by the management time and