Book Our Table

Book Our Table

Book Our Table is India’s first cloud based table reservations channel system for restaurants which will allow the establishment to generate bookings directly at the restaurant, through its own website and Facebook page, at a centralized call center, across distributed outlet and office locations, through multiple and popular customer facing Food & Beverage portals, over phone applications and more.

It allows the restaurant owners to focus on their operations while distributing and managing its limited and highly perishable table inventory, maximize yields and get higher occupancy and revenues, even as it automatically captures and updates customer profiles and even creates a channel of effective mass and personalized customer communication.

Book Our Table is a simple and an effective revenue generating tool which helps:

  • Business owners to take control of the restaurant and manage guest expectations.
  • Staff will become more efficient when they use the system and the operation will be less stressed.
  • Your business will make more money through increased restaurant yield.
  • Staff will spend fewer hours on managing reservations and will focus more on high quality guest experience.

The data and reports generated from the system will increase your marketing potential and serve as a guide to better plan your resources and various campaigns and festivals that you would like to introduce.

Benefits of Using Book Our Table

  • Simple to learn and use
  • Extremely Effective
  • Saves hours of Staff time
  • Powerful tool to maximize your yield
  • Never miss a call since your staff can take a reservation anytime, anywhere
  • Where you have multiple restaurants you can manage with less staff by creating a Central Reservation Office for table reservations.
  • Accurate real-time availability
  • Build a reliable customer database
  • Build loyalty through Customer Engagement
  • Send SMS and email confirmation and reservation alerts and reminders to guests with special offers and promos available at your restaurant
  • Integrate with customer feedback system – Our Simon Says to get instant feedback
  • Integration with leading third party POS (in pipeline)
  • Manages reservations, walk-ins and waitlists. Analytical Report Suite

Features of Book Our Table

Technical Information

We offer Table Reservations combined with Table Channel Management capabilities

Hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, guaranteed system uptime of 99.9%.

Data backed up securely in real time across three geographical global locations

No need to invest in high end Internet enabled servers with expensive Operating system, Database and anti-virus licenses

Can be accessed across popular browsers and across Windows, Apple, Linux and Android Operating systems

Easy and simple option to pay by credit card and activate the system directly on the web

Purchase credits for SMS, email, additional consulting and training directly on web

Dedicated on line support

Functional Information

Offers the Hospitality / Food & Beverage chain an easy to setup and configure system to micro manage each restaurant

Setup a complete restaurant and train your staff within a single day

Upload existing guest profiles through simple excel upload option

API library support to publish table availability and make reservations through company web-site

Can be used by centralized call centre staff to book reservations from potential diners

Online statistics shows reservations trends and analysis

Central guest profile capture option which can be recalled and updated

Book tables across days, meal and time periods, handle guest status, special instructions, remarks and preferences

Choose to block and overbook tables selectively