MyPOS Push

In 2013, ShawMan launched ‘MyPOS’, a self ordering menu-pad used by the luxury
hotels in India.

Today, with the strict government regulations, mandated reservations and contact tracing, ShawMan brings to you from its archives,
MyPOS Push.

A tightly coupled solution providing utmost security paving the future of
customer interactions.

MyPOS Push By ShawMan

Promoting a Safe & Responsible dining experience
Scan . Search . Link

Generate a QR using the Waiters App or send out a link using Book Our Table

Flow on scanning QR Code or clicking on weblink

Flow on scanning QR Code or clicking on weblink

Menu templates to choose from

Order placement & Acceptance/Modification or Rejection

Upselling & billing

Customizable feedback templates

Tablet & Desktop compatibility for both the Customers & the Waiter App


  • Weblink & QR code enabled
  • Prevent misuse of QR codes with controlled sessions
  • Waiter App allows to accept, reject, modify orders
  • Connected with Book Our Table – Table Channel Manager
  • Contact tracer enabled
  • Collect & engage with your customer database
  • E-bill to customers phone
  • Realtime feedback with alerts
  • Constantly evolving UI & UX
  • Customizable templates

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